nzppa-logoEnrolment Information for NZPPA Certificate courses (Delivered by CLS)

How to Apply for NZPPA certificates:

To be able to do a NZPPA certificate course you have to complete a NZPPA/CLS application form (that must be approved by NZPPA/CLS before you can commerce any certificate course). Both NZPPA certificates have the following requisite requirements:

  • NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Practice: To be able to undertake this 4 month programme the learner must be working in payroll, have access to a payroll system and have access to a verifier in their workplace.
  • NZPPA Certificate in Payroll Management: To be able to undertake this 4 month programme the learner must be working in payroll and have access to a payroll system, have access to a verifier in their workplace and must have at least two staff reporting to their position.

To access the NZPPA/CLS application please click here

If you want to enquire about the above courses you can use our enrolment form available here

General enrolment information

In this section you will find a range of information on what rights you have once you enroll in a CLS course.

Paying out a refund

  • If a student withdraws within eight working days of their course starting they’ll be refunded all their tuition fees, less $500
  • If a student withdraws on day nine or later of the course, they would only be eligible for a refund in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Chief Executive Office of CLS.
  • Students must submit their application for a refund within one month of the last day they attended. No refund will be made if the student has been expelled, wants to transfer to another school, or has not filled out an accurate enrolment application and has had their contract terminated.

Written confirmation of withdrawal

Before processing a fee refund, CLS may ask the student to provide written confirmation of the withdrawal from their parents, guardian (if under 18 years old), or agent.

Discontinuation of a programme

If CLS decides, for any reason, to discontinue a course before the planned start date, all paid tuition fees will be fully refunded. The student will have no other claim against CLS.

Additional CLS Forms & Documents

Creative Learning Solutions (CLS) Student Handbook:

Please use the following Link to get information on:

  • Student Entry and Orientation, Student Behaviour Rules and Regulations, Student Discipline, Student Complaints Procedures, and Student Records.

Other forms

Pastoral care contacts for CLS students:

Citizens’ Advice Bureau

Gambling Helpline

Sexual Health Clinic

Health services directory

Family Planning

Banking Ombudsman

Race Relations Commission


Budget Advice

Women’s Refuge

Man Alive